General reservation and rental conditions

These general reservation and rental conditions form part of the agreement between you (hereinafter referred to as the tenant) and us (hereinafter referred to as the landlord). The tenant goes with the booking agree with the terms and conditions printed below.

To reserve
The tenant can book by email or by telephone, this reservation will be sent by the landlord by e-mail confirmed. Upon receipt of this confirmation, the tenant must inform the tenant within 14 days of the date of the confirmation a deposit of 50% of the total rent on account of the landlord to make. The confirmation and these conditions together form the rental agreement. After transferring the deposit is the reservation binding.

The down payment is 50% of the total rent and must be paid within 14 days of the date of the confirmation to be paid to the landlord, unless stated otherwise. When exceeding the down payment period the landlord reserves the right to cancel the reservation consider and release the house for rent. Rest of the total rent, including any energy surcharge must be transferred to the account of 40 days before arrival landlord together with the deposit. The lessor retains payment if the payment term is exceeded have the right to terminate the lease after which there is no refund of the deposit will take place.

Cancellation by the tenant must be made in writing to the landlord. When cancellation is the tenant owes the following amounts to the landlord: 30% of the total rent to 40 days for the day of commencement of the rental period 100% of the total rent from 40 days before the day from the start of the rental period. If any circumstance (including force majeure) landlord in case of cancellation of the already rented house, the tenant will be notified in writing asked. The amount already paid by the tenant will be refunded. Tenant has no more or other right than the amount already paid.

Additional costs / deposit
The rent includes electricity and water, from October to April an energy surcharge applies from € 125 per week for Skolespespisningen and € 175, – per week for Skolhuset. Deposit is € 150, – per booking period. The price is on request during the Swedish Rally.

The rental price does not include bed and household linen and cleaning costs. Costs in Skolhuset made with the fixed telephone line will be charged on the basis of the telephone account specification by deducting this from the deposit, this determines this also the moment of repayment of the deposit, since the provider’s account per 2 months.

Arrival and departure
The rental week applies for a minimum of 1 week from Saturday to Saturday, unless otherwise stated agreed. Arrival: Saturday 3.00 pm Departure: Saturday 11.00 am Tenant receives the key 14 days before the start of the rental period. After the landlord has received the key back after the rental period, the deposit will be refunded without prejudice to the provisions in the article ‘use and liability’ and the about the telephone costs of Skolhuset under ‘additional
cost / deposit ‘. Subsequent arrival or earlier departure does not entitle the tenant to a refund of the rent sum or one
part of it.

Use and liability
Villa Luna is equipped for 8 people and 2 children up to 6 years. The tenant is not allowed to have more persons in it
house and / or stay overnight on the reservation confirmation, unless expressly agreed otherwise with the landlord. During the rental period, the tenant takes care of the rental as a good family man and is liable for any damage caused during the stay. Any damage that goes through act or omission of the tenant arises, will be settled with the deposit, without prejudice tenant to full compensation .. All damage and loss to the rental object, caused by the renter or negligence of the tenant must be reimbursed immediately. Handling calamities and damage directly by tenant to the landlord to be reported. Unreported damage will be on the tenant recovered. Landlord is not liable for defects and the functioning of technical installations and equipment. Repair or replacement will not entitle the lessee to a refund the rent or part of it. The landlord will ensure that repairs or replacement so carried out as quickly as possible. Smoking and pets are not allowed.

Guest manuals and documentation available to the tenant in the house by the landlord should be seen as a service to the tenant and belong to the household. Landlord can not be held liable for personal injury or damage, theft or loss or tenant’s property. Landlord is furthermore not liable for any Damaged by the tenant and / or his traveling companions due to any cause related to the Villa, swimming pool or scooters arranged by the manager.
these general conditions.

Dutch law applies to this rental agreement.